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So any reduction in number of Parliamentary constituencies would automatically apply to the Assembly.
A Wales Office spokeswoman said: "We have always said that moving to 30 Assembly constituencies, by reinstating the link between parliamentary and Assembly constituencies, would be dependent on Parliament approving the Boundary Commissions' proposals for new parliamentary constituencies.
The federation encompasses the three Parliamentary constituencies of Middlesbrough, Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland and Redcar.
Whatever parliamentary constituencies the two towns end up in - and I accept this may have to be a cross border constituency - it makes common sense to keep the two Batley wards together as a town, and the same goes for the three Dewsbury wards.
With the present prison population of the UK currently far exceeding the former electorate of the Universities Parliamentary Constituencies, which were abolished in 1950, perhaps it might be best if Prison Parliamentary Constituencies were set up to deal with the needs of prisoners.
Government experts announced the changes as part of a move to reduce the number of Merseyside parliamentary constituencies from 16 to 15 due to a falling population.
It has been put together by Sunderland University's Dr Simon Henig, a leading authority on parliamentary constituencies.
The Green Party will contest three of Birmingham's 11 parliamentary constituencies at the next General Election.
POLITICIANS in Rugby met last night to discuss proposals to split the Rugby and Kenil-worth parliamentary constituencies.
In a statement to Bahrain News Agency (BNA), he commended embassies, consulates and diplomatic missions for facilitating overseas elections as voters cast their ballots to elect their representatives in 34 parliamentary constituencies and 21 municipal constituencies.
Polling for 41 parliamentary constituencies, spread across three states, will begin at 7 a.
The party has also decided to open a state- level office in Sonepat district to monitor all parliamentary constituencies in Haryana.

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