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The Arvind Kejriwal- led party has already announced that it will contest all 10 parliamentary constituencies in Haryana, where it expects to post yet another impressive show after its debut in Delhi.
It admits that this figure includes some costs not directly attributable to the exercise, but the expenditure reflects the monumental challenge of cutting Wales' parliamentary constituencies from 40 to 30.
Across the Birmingham area, teenagers in Walsall North and Erdington are least likely to get degrees, at just 23 per cent (515th place out of a total of 533 parliamentary constituencies nationally) and 24 per cent (510th) respectively.
At a time when his colleagues are queuing up to avail of Member of Parliament Local Area Development ( MPLAD) funds for carrying out developmental projects, Lok Sabha member and JD( U) leader Sushil Kumar Singh of Bihar's Aurangabad constituency has shelled out around ` 30 lakh from his own pocket to build a 150- metre concrete causeway that connects two parliamentary constituencies.
The shock figures have come from the Campaign to End Child Poverty which is providing a child poverty map of the whole of the UK, including a breakdown of figures for parliamentary constituencies and local authorities in Yorkshire and the Humber.
Currently on a three-day tour of Amethi and Rae Bareli parliamentary constituencies of poll-bound Uttar Pradesh, Priyanka said that she will do anything to help elder brother Rahul Gandhi in the upcoming state legislative assembly elections.
The number of Parliamentary constituencies in Wales is being reduced by 40 to 30.
RESIDENTS in Stockton are invited to take a look at maps and documents showing the proposed changes to parliamentary constituencies.
One thing is certain: we cannot continue with this grossly unfair 19th century first-past-thepost system, which renders votes virtually worthless in about 75% of parliamentary constituencies.
These are nothing of the sort, they are configurations of six wards, almost the size of Parliamentary constituencies.
Given that some of Birmingham's parliamentary constituencies are, in themselves, the size of small local authorities the scheme isn't actually that radical.
POLITICIANS in Rugby met last night to discuss proposals to split the Rugby and Kenil-worth parliamentary constituencies.

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