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Government Spokesman Stephanos Stephanou announced on Thursday that the positions of the government on the regulation and supervision of the banking sector, the sectoral and structural reforms, as well as the e1/4300-million package to boost growth and foster job creation were sent to all parliamentary parties and social partners.
Ayaz Sadiq said the most important point of the meeting was that all parliamentary parties had shown national spirit by voicing unity over national security and nobody did politics over the issue.
the narrow-mindedness of Nawaz Sharif has come to open by not inviting him in parliamentary parties leaders meeting.
The government Saturday invited leaders of different parliamentary parties to attend the meeting.
This committee would be constituted after making the consultation with Chairman Senate and representatives of the parliamentary parties.
Minister for Law and Justice Zahid Hamid briefed the leaders of parliamentary parties over the issues concerning the delimitation of constituencies.
Taking the floor, the parliamentary leader of PML-N, Sardar Aurangzeb Nalotha paid tributes to all parliamentary parties for expressing sympathies with the family of late legislator and extending congratulations on the win of his nephew.
Chairman Senate said that military and civil leaders have to be united for defeating terrorism, adding that the current war is an ideological war and all the parliamentary parties have to present proposals for its elimination.
Talking to party leaders at his residence here, he added that all parliamentary parties should be taken into confidence in this regard.
The meeting discussed the agenda and ways to run the proceedings of the session as representatives of the parliamentary parties gave their proposals regarding business in the House.
The PML-N got the MoU approved by all the parliamentary parties, it added.
PML-N Lahore President Pervaiz Malik MNA termed the meeting of parliamentary parties heads on Kashmir issue a 'great success' and said a clear message was given to the enemy that Kashmiris were not alone.

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