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Prolonging or putting off to another day. The discontinuation or termination of a session of the legislature, parliament, or the like. In English Law, a prorogation is the Continuance of the parliament from one session to another, as an adjournment is a continuation of the session from day to day. In Civil Law, giving time to do a thing beyond the term previously fixed.

See: adjournment, cloture, deferment, delay, dissolution, termination


1 an agreement to accept the jurisdiction of a given court.
2 the exercise of the ROYAL PREROGATIVE ending a session of Parliament.

PROROGATION. To put off to another time. It is generally applied to the English parliament, and means the continuance of it from one day to another; it differs from adjournment, which is a continuance of it from one day to another in the same session. 1 Bl. Com. 186.
     2. In the civil law, prorogation signifies the time given to do a thing beyond the term prefixed. Dig. 2, 14, 27, 1. See Prolongation.

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Despite Berri's best efforts and intentions, over 20 parliamentary sessions now have failed to select a new president.
Finance Minister Ali Hasan Khalil, from Speaker Nabih Berri's bloc, said the endorsement of the wage hike bill was crucial for holding any parliamentary session.
As all parliamentary sessions are filmed, there is a video of the clash between the two MPs from earlier this week.
It is this Article of the Rules of Procedure that is expected to heat up the atmosphere and postpone the start of the parliamentary session.
According to a senior airline official, at the New Delhi airport, over 200 employees, including officials and helpers, are assigned for giving special treatment to MPs while 100- 120 officials are deployed during the parliamentary session in Mumbai.
North Korea will convene a parliamentary session on April 13, the country's official media reported Saturday, fueling speculation that leader Kim Jong Un may be elected chairman of the National Defense Commission, the leading state organ.
A STERN warning went out to chairmen of parliament's five committees that next week's parliamentary session could be cancelled if no legislation or projects are presented today.
The 16 could be fined up to BGN 120 (their daily wage) for missing the Parliamentary session.
Amid pageantry and pomp, the monarch formally opened the new parliamentary session Tuesday by outlining.
Immediately after the beginning of the parliamentary session, Maoist lawmakers chanted anti-government slogans and picketed the rostrum.
NEW YORK, Sep 23, 2009 (TUR) -- Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Tuesday the parliamentary session on the 'democratic move' will be open in Ankara.