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Between 1989 and 1992 Tusiani surprised us with the publication of his monumental autobiography in three volumes, La parola difficile, La parola nuova, and La parola antica, connected by the common subtitle, Autobiografia di un italo-americano, an historical event in the annals of Italian America literature.
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Parola's appearances for Italy including the 1950 World Cup finals in Brazil.
Parola Island and the Lawak, Panata and Rizal Reefs are among a group of islands, reefs and cays claimed by the Philippines in the Spratlys.
Obviously, Parola works with massive amounts of data, and the most important aspect of the testing he performs is detecting abnormal radiation levels.
Indeed, for a while, it looked like Cross Colours was just another fad, but as fashion editor Parola points out, "What hip sportswear isn't?" The challenge: "Cross Colours made such a big noise in the market that in some minds, it has come to symbolize a specific look.
When the squall struck, Lorilla said they prayed, 'Lord patabuka lang kami (Lord, let us cross)' as the Parola Wharf was already visible.
More than 6,000 families were left homeless in a 12-hour fire that broke out in an informal settler community at Parola Compound in Tondo, Manila, razing around 2,500 houses.
Gloria Arroyo vows to help 5,000 poor families in Manila !-- -- Jess Diaz (The Philippine Star) - January 26, 2019 - 12:00am MANILA, Philippines Speaker Gloria Macapagal Arroyo yesterday promised to help 5,000 poor families in Parola, Manila get the titles to the land they are occupying.
Fred Parola, executive director of the Town of Hempstead Industrial Development Agency (IDA), announced that the agency approved the sale and the assignment of existing economic benefits to the new owner.
Locally known among the residents of Barangay San Isidro as "Parola," the lighthouse has been one of the favorite must-see places of tourists in this lakeshore municipality of Rizal Province.
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