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Parry People Movers said, since the introduction of the PPM shuttle in Stourbridge in 2009, costs had halved compared with the previous heavy rail service, passenger numbers had doubled and reliability matched the best rail industry performance throughout Britain.
The Parry patented form of hybrid propulsion achieves high energy efficiency by having a much smaller than normal basic power unit - but does not sacrifice acceleration.
CRISIL believes that the scale and integrated operations of EID Parry supports its resilience to cyclicality associated with the sugar industry.
9 times as on March 31, 2011 because of acquisition of PSIL and lesser-than-expected profits generated by EID Parry (standalone) in 2010-11, lower profits of EID Parry (standalone) is on account of the negative impact of Rs.
It was Parry who first introduced a young Danish rider by the name of Hans Nielsen to British speedway.
Susanne, who became Hans' wife, worked for us at the time and though she was Danish, they only met when he came over to ride for Wolverhampton,' said Parry.
He attacked Mrs Parry and tied her up using items of clothing.
Police discovered the bag had been stolen from Mrs Parry and the man who had dumped it was John Flanagan.
Last year, the airport generated approximately $225,000 including $72,000 in municipal levy money, mostly from Seguin Township (80 per cent) and the Town of Parry Sound.
As the last piece of their funding scheme, the commission secured $120,000 in municipal reserve funds from Seguin and Parry Sound.
Hanna says Parry Sound, which has a long-term plan for the development of its waterfront, is recognized as a commercial node.
Tourism is one of the strongest contributors to the West Parry Sound economic base.