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Isthmic spondylosis (type II) describes a lesion in pars interarticularis.
Type II, the isthmic type, is spondylolisthesis resulting from defects of the pars interarticularis and is further subdivided into three subtypes.
Defects of pars interarticularis in athletes: a protocol for nonoperative treatment.
14) In type 1 fractures (Figure 11), the fracture extends through the posterior C2 vertebral body rather than the pars interarticularis extension of the hangman's fracture.
A bone scan with single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) images were obtained that same day because of a high index of suspicion for spondylolysis, and revealed uptake in the right pars interarticularis of L5 (Figure 3).
Pars interarticularis stress lesions in the lumbar spine of cricket fast bowlers.
SPONDYLOLYSIS: Spondylolysis - a defect in pars interarticularis (weakest part of vertebra) was seen in 4 patients.
Despite a large number of anatomical and morphometric studies of the spine in the literature (1-17) that focus mostly on the vertebral body, spinal canal, and pedicles, there is a surprising paucity of data regarding the pars interarticularis (PI).
7) It is also important to note that reports within the literature suggest that the repetitive loads causing an acute unilateral spondylolysis may also cause progression to bilateral pars interarticularis fracture leading to vertebral body endplate fracture and early degenerative changes.
Forty five per cent of all stress fractures in a gymnast involve the pars interarticularis, because of considerable stress on the lower back as a result of repetitive flexion, hyperextension, rotation and compressive loading of the spine on landing.
The lateral radiograph of the cervical spine showed the presence of a defect of the pars interarticularis at C6.
Pars interarticularis defect, or spondylolysis, is the most common type of structural defect in adolescent athletes with low back pain.

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