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Byram D Avari said the educational institutions run by Parsi community in Karachi had 99.
The Parsis are descendents of Zoroastrians who fled to India after Iran converted to Islam.
Sources in the Parsi Anjuman said: " A board of trust cannot act contrary to what the general body has passed.
But mother dearest discovers Shirin to be the same scheming Parsi Trust Secretary who got the water tank in their home demolished.
The age of Parsi theater (1870s-1920s) in India, on the other hand, was definitely the most productive for Shakespearean productions.
As an Indian, I always felt a certain horrified fascination at watching a Parsi boy prance around on stage looking like a gay weightlifter in a Cusrow Baug gymnasium.
This study is part of The AVESTAGENOME Project(TM), a systems biology based study on the Parsi population to determine the genetic basis of longevity and age-related disorders.
He plays a web video that fades to a still image of two Parsi priests worshipping in one of the stark grey vaults.
Our additional meal consisted of a king prawn butterfly starter, Parsi chicken - a delicious Persian dish garnished with fresh garlic, spring onions, ginger green chillies, tomatoes and chana dall - side dish of saag aloo and a keema naan.
A 75-year-old Parsi lady from the Petit family wrote me a letter enquiring if I was interested in buying the car.
Welcome to the fictitious world of the Parsi Liberation Organization led by a buffoon character in a zany movie that looks at India's Parsis -- both their excesses and endearments -- as a minuscule minority of some 70,000 in a country of more than one billion people.
Trita Parsi, president of the Washington-based National Iranian American Council, expressed disbelief at the wide margin in Ahmadinejad's favour.