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Rajadhyaksha and Willemen mention that in the era of Parsi Theatre, Haji Abdullah's Sakhawat Khodadost Badshah, staged by the Indian Imperial Company, used 14 curtains.
Parsi, a Washington-based Middle East expert who teaches at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, suggests in his original and provocative analysis that despite the dramatic changes in ideological orientations in Tehran (the Islamic Revolution) and Tel Aviv (the rise of the nationalist Likud Party), the Iranians and the Israelis have continued to co-operate on military and strategic fronts.
More likely, as this issue of Middle East Policy comes out, the Bush administration, following a policy promoted by Israel and its neoconservative backers in Washington, will be continuing to pursue its policy of "containing" and weakening Iran through diplomatic and economic means, hoping the regime in Tehran capitulates and accepts American dictates, or that its economic failures and declining popularity cause it to implode--two scenarios that Parsi does not consider realistic.
"On the auspicious occasion of Parsi New Year, I extend my warm greetings to all Parsi friends.
Expressing his delight Chef Parsi said, "I am very grateful for the recognition that Hozpitality Group's Middle East Chef Excellence Awards has given me.
Parsi told Gulf News in an interview that nearly 150 lawmakers have petitioned Iranian President Hassan Rouhani not to accept Zarif's resignation letter.
The third generation of the Parsi family, who built this water trough, is still in contact with Khan.
Since a number of these issues such as polygamy, nikah halala, settlement of a Parsi wifes property for benefit of children, as well as the law on adultery among others is presently sub judice before the Supreme Court, they have been discussed in the paper but comprehensive changes on some of these issues have not been suggested at this stage.
The Parsis were originally from Persia; the term 'Parsee' sprouts from 'Persian' in Gujarati.
Parsi said he was leaving NIAC "to focus more on the US's broader foreign policy in the Middle East."
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's private sector has launched a station at Parsi Oilfield to collect associated gases and prevent their burning at flare stacks.
Shammi was a Parsi and the former wife of legendary Bollywood filmmaker, the late Sultan Ahmed.