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Earlier, on the first day of the tournament on Saturday, BVS Parsi School stole the limelight by bagging 7 of the 15 positions on offer, with Arts and Science Academy bagging 4 and Happy Home School following suit with 2.
Because Fatimah Jinnah was in a sense jealous of Dina for her occupying such a crucial space in Jinnah's life, Dina had again to increasingly depend on her mother's family and her Parsi relatives.
According to reports, In 2012, the Gujarat High Court said that under the Special Marriage Act, she had ceased to be a Parsi and that her religion automatically changed to that of her husband.
These restaurants, concentrated around the southern end of Bombay, were run by Zoroastrian emigrants from Iran - called Parsis or Iranis - who arrived in India in two waves some 900 years apart.
The ambiance and style of Moombai & Co is characteristic of a Parsi cafe featuring ceiling fans, exposed brick, mahogany furniture, Italian marble table tops, cane chairs and pendulum wall clocks.
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by Ashish Dubash Dhansak is a favourite community dish of the Parsis and is often eaten on Sunday afternoons.
The flashy name doesn't protect Parsi from hate calls, and may, in fact, promote them.
700++) comprises of a sweet and sour Brinjal pickle, Saria the Parsi papad, a classic Salad Shirazi that is every bit refreshing, Chutney eeda na pattice or egg pattice with a dab of everyone's favourite green chutney, Masala ni dal made the authentic Parsi way, feasty Mutton pulav, Kachumbar - your go-to everyday salad mix, Jardaloo chicken cooked with apricots, a recipe passed down with every generation of a Parsi household and Rotli or Roti made the Parsi way.
SAAM Bharucha, a Parsi lawyer from Bombay, has been sent to the princely state of Junagadh to be the legal adviser of the nawab there.
The city may not be a legacy of the Mughal era but it did have quite a bit of architectural and urban planning evidence of its British, Parsi and the Gujarati residents.
Later today the prime minister will chair the apex committee meeting at the Governor House and is expected to meet with the Parsi community as well.