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PARSON, eccl. law. One who has full possession of all the rights of a parochial church.
     2. He is so called because by his person the church, which is an invisible body, is represented: in England he is himself a body corporate it order to protect and defend the church (which he personates) by a the minority, if required to bring Story on Partn. Sec. 489. 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 1217. 398; 5 Com. Dig. 346.

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In short," concluded the parson, decisively smacking his leg with his switch, "there's hardly such another family in England.
And where do we raise our smoke, now, parson, if I may make so bold; I mean, where do we d'Urbervilles live?
Concluding thus the parson rode on his way, with doubts as to his discretion in retailing this curious bit of lore.
Curly Parsons bowed his head on the bar with a gesture of despair.
It is a book, says Walton, "so full of plain, prudent, and useful rules that that country parson that can spare 12d.
There is all the strong courage in these lines of the courtier- parson.
It was equally astonishing to the aunts and uncles to find a parson introduced into Mr.
Why, what can you be going to send him to a parson for?
Jacobs at th' academy's no parson, and he's done very bad by the boy; and I made up my mind, if I send him to school again, it should be to somebody different to Jacobs.
When the parson opened it he found a dozen photographs of Mrs.
He'll know as soon as ever he claps eyes on us," Parsons replied.
Constable Parsons suspected that he had a porcine soul.