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PARSON, eccl. law. One who has full possession of all the rights of a parochial church.
     2. He is so called because by his person the church, which is an invisible body, is represented: in England he is himself a body corporate it order to protect and defend the church (which he personates) by a the minority, if required to bring Story on Partn. Sec. 489. 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 1217. 398; 5 Com. Dig. 346.

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Of course, I'm not really occupied with anything but the theater,'' Parsons corrects herself.
The award was created to pay tribute to Parsons alumni and industry leaders who have significantly contributed to society through their work in design.
Parsons selected six choreography associates, who spent the first week taking classes and choreographing their own solo dances under his guidance.
This article recounts the social influences that must have inspired Frank Parsons to create vocational counseling and traces the profession's early development.
It was not just my sexuality--I was a powerful woman," Pam Parsons says about the scandal in 1981 that ended her career as a college basketball coach.
PARSONS WAS on top of the world when with little bank experience he landed the prime spot as CEO of Dime Savings Bank, a regional New York City thrift institution.
Under the contract, Parsons will provide program management; subcontractor management and procurement; Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive Waste (HTRW) investigations, studies and design; Munitions and Explosives of Concern (MEC) investigations and avoidance recommendations; engineering; remedial action; construction management; operations and maintenance; health and safety; and quality control services.
TO BEGIN WITH full disclosure: I'm not the only person to claim to be the world's biggest Gram Parsons fan.
The commitment to social change demonstrated by the founder of vocational psychology, Frank Parsons, continues in several areas of vocational psychology today, including individual career counseling, guidance work in the schools, career interventions with special populations, and vocational research.
ANN REINKING, Ben Stevenson, and David Parsons are the recipients of the Dance Magazine Awards for the year 2000, continuing a tradition of presentations established in 1954.
At first I thought it was so silly," says veteran actor Estelle Parsons of her character's coming-out on the show's Thanksgiving episode.
Parsons and its subcontractor, Jacobs Associates (JA), have been awarded a contract by the Cobb County Water System (CCWS) to oversee work on the South Cobb Tunnel in Cobb County, Georgia.