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Of the seven patients who experienced complete or partial responses in the Phase II clinical trial, Grade III/IV events were reported in all five patients with ongoing duration of response greater than or equal to 25 months; no Grade III/IV events were reported in the two patients who experienced partial responses of four and six months duration.
The two patients with complete responses and the one patient with a partial response still remain cancer-free for over twenty months.
One partial response was not able to be confirmed because the patient's CT scan was confounded by a lung collapse, limiting the radiologist's ability to distinguish the actual tumor size.
In the randomized, multicenter trial, 54% of 147 patients had an objective, partial response to therapy with either 400 or 600 mg of imatinib mesylate per day; no patient responded completely, however.
ongoing, with the exception of one partial response patient who
Two of these patients achieved a partial response, according to RECIST.
Of 36 patients evaluable for efficacy, 20 have achieved disease stabilization, and evidence of tumor regression was observed in 4 of these patients, 3 of whom had a partial response and 1 of whom had a minor response.
Of 33 evaluable patients, 18 (55%) demonstrated a partial response, which is defined as a 50 percent or greater reduction in measurable tumor size.

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