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I created a partial vacuum by using a glass tube as the burn chamber and inserted carbon probes in either end with connecting wires that were powered up with an are welder.
Creating hot-fill bottles takes a lot of technical skill: The problem normally encountered with hot filling plastic bottles, particularly those with long necks sometimes used for ketchup, is that, when the contents cool, their volume reduces and creates a partial vacuum.
He noted the unit achieves lower insertion losses as the Thermally Stabilized Plasma operates in a partial vacuum to produce a wider heat profile.
It uses heated cups on the skin to create a partial vacuum to stimulate the flow of blood, and is said to aid conception.
The centrally-mounted gas turbine fed a film of highly rarified gas over the upper surface of the aircraft, creating a partial vacuum above it.
It involves laying foam onto the wound, which is then attached to a pump to create a partial vacuum.
The chamber is partially filled with water at a partial vacuum.
That's a much less tenuous position than accepting truths that are based on faith and can be knocked off by the simple act of squirting some high-energy rays through a cold partial vacuum.