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The partial vacuum allowed a piston attached to a carriage to be propelled by the greater pressure of the atmosphere behind.
Pumps can produce a partial vacuum effect on the suction side and a compressor effect on the discharge side, creating a plug effect that pushes the remaining product out of the transfer line as a whole.
This creates a partial vacuum which increases their insulation and efficiency.
Creating hot-fill bottles takes a lot of technical skill: The problem normally encountered with hot filling plastic bottles, particularly those with long necks sometimes used for ketchup, is that, when the contents cool, their volume reduces and creates a partial vacuum.
The plastic membrane prevents the ingress of air and allows a partial vacuum to form within the wound, reducing its volume and facilitating the removal of fluid.
He noted the unit achieves lower insertion losses as the Thermally Stabilized Plasma operates in a partial vacuum to produce a wider heat profile.
The increase of volume in the thorax produces a partial vacuum or a low pressure zone in the lungs, and if the vocal folds are apart and the mouth is open, air will rush in to equalize the pressure to the ambient pressure outside the body--we have just taken a breath.
Amend suspects that an additional lifting force may be created by any partial vacuum in the space between balloon and the top of the ball or block being gripped.
It involves laying foam onto the wound, which is then attached to a pump to create a partial vacuum.
The chamber is partially filled with water at a partial vacuum.
That's a much less tenuous position than accepting truths that are based on faith and can be knocked off by the simple act of squirting some high-energy rays through a cold partial vacuum.
Also packages may be put in a partial vacuum to check for leakage.