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l}, <) be a partially ordered set, where the partial order on {1, 2, .
A]> in a partially ordered set (X, [less than or equal to]) is said to be an
6 shows the similarity matrix of elements, which are element pairs in terms of a partially ordered set.
The absolute order on the symmetric group, constructible partially ordered sets and Cohen-Macaulay complexes.
In [7], Bhaskar and Lakshmikantham introducing the concept of coupled fixed point of a mapping F: X x X [right arrow] X, considered some coupled fixed point theorems in partially ordered sets.
X]) be a partially ordered set and suppose there is a partial metric p on X such that (X, p) is a complete partial metric space.
Rodriguez-Lopez, Contractive mapping theorems in partially ordered sets and applications to ordinary differential equations, Order, 22(2005) 223-239.
Partially ordered sets (a special kind of DAG) are often used in mathematics to analyze ordering, sequencing or arrangement of distinct objects which can block all routes from the maximal to the minimal nodes by killing a subset of agents in a terror network.

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