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Participants (N = 15) included ten graduate psychology students in an Applied Behavior Analysis course at a medium-sized, comprehensive New York State college, and five on- and off-site Bachelor-level behavior specialists from a local, nonprofit agency.
We also ask participants to work through a series of one-paragraph caselets, which address a sequence of lifecycle integration issues of a new generation of night vision goggles encountered sequentially over a period of years.
Most participants completed two semistructured in-depth interviews with the same interviewer; four participants completed only one interview.
The participants of this study were a purposive sample of six second-grade students who were all between the ages of seven and eight, and their parents.
A includes a separate profit-sharing account and a separate medical retirement account (MRA) for each participant.
Overall, the curriculum was designed to help participants (a) understand the role of accountability in today's educational environments; (b) understand the emphasis on accountability and program evaluation in the ASCA National Model; (c) define program evaluation; (d) understand the evaluation process including the role of needs assessment, program planning, program implementation, and assessing outcomes; and (e) plan to implement their own school counseling program evaluation.
Deferred compensation includes payments to which participants have a legally binding right but have not received or included in their gross income, and which is payable in a later year.
306 requires that administrators of plans with individual accounts--for example, 401(k) plans--give participants 30 days' notice of any blackout periods during which they may not direct plan investments, take out loans or obtain distributions.
Median age was 39 (range 19-79); 82 participants (61%) were women.
Some of these larger sample collections are in the form of prospective cohorts that recruit healthy participants with the intention of following their health status over a number of years.
Participants are presented with a series of real world problem scenarios and encouraged to share their ideas and experiences.
Enron) where executives in nonqualified plans avoided to some degree the adverse effect of business developments that had a severe adverse impact on participants in qualified plans.