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We constructed two simple methods for comparing the RGD ripple between the different participants.
The participants of this study all had enough support around them to be able to give their children exactly what they needed academically.
Each participant's profit-sharing account (but not amounts in the participant's MRA) is available for distribution to the participant after severance from employment with M.
At the onset of discussions, participants might be unfamiliar with a topic and might not feel a personal relevance.
During the activity portion of the training, participants were guided in conceptualizing the program evaluation process to their particular school setting.
These are defined contribution plans controlled by payment elections participants make under a qualified plan.
Seventy-one (84%) of 85 participants residing in neighborhoods of low-socioeconomic status were infected versus 26 (52%) of 50 participants residing in neighborhoods of medium- or high-socioeconomic status (crude prevalence odds ratio 4.
In the United States, Howard University has announced the formation of a biobank with samples from participants who identify themselves as African Americans (Kaiser 2003).
International participants in the DRMC are typically from our NATO allies and usually comprise 30-40% of the class.
Under this rule, participants in their first year of eligibility have up to 30 days after they became eligible to participate in the nonqualified deferred compensation plan to make their deferral election with respect to compensation for services to be rendered subsequent to the election.
We examine the relationship between order of client cases, ratings of difficulty of client cases, and performance outcomes for 15 participants who completed computer-based simulation instruction with 10 client cases.