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AIDEA's participation loan will provide long-term financing for one unit in the 10,368-square-foot building being constructed in several phases.
An additional option for credit unions is participation loans.
parent of SuffolkFirst Bank (herein referred to as the Bank), headquartered in Suffolk, VA commented, "The current dilemma surrounding the economy has affected the performance of some commercial loans in the Bank's loan portfolio, primarily participation loans (loans purchased from other banks).
Diamond, whose company is the owner and manager of 5,000 units, said he has used every loan program the city has to offer from the original Article 8A to participation loans.
The change in impaired loans relates directly to three participation loans located in Oregon and Utah which are not performing as agreed.
Founded in 1988, BBOK offers a full range of correspondent banking services including online correspondent banking, credit card and merchant services, federal funds brokerage, participation loans, direct loans to bank officers and directors, bank stock financing, mortgage lending, safekeeping and portfolio accounting, cash management services and leasing to community banks throughout Kansas.
Korda has also worked extensively in structuring and closing syndicated transactions, equity participation loans and complex construction "take-out" transactions, as well as the financing and development of condominium and cooperative properties.
Nearly a year before, on July 1, 2012, Navy Federal's C-PaL program made its debut to allow partnering credit unions to originate participation loans with Navy Federal being the buyer of between 40% and 60% of the loan amount.
Bankers' banks came into being in the mid-1970s to serve the needs of small community banks that may have been disadvantaged when it came to providing their customers with advanced financial services such as cash letters, sophisticated electronic services, credit card programs, participation loans, over-line loans, investment services and technology solutions.
Kershaw noted the credit union has already begun using Rembrandt to document participation loans with other credit unions in order to accommodate the growth of its commercial loan portfolio.
Participation loans are a welcome addition to the portfolio for a number of reasons.
We do a lot of participation loans back and forth between the two banks, so it was important to us to have a system that would easily allow us to do that," Skaalen said.