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This incident reinforced our conviction that a particle counter, although not used every day, is an invaluable tool for the sanitarian.
The second edition of ISO 4406, titled Hydraulic Fluid Power -- Fluids -- Method For Coding The Level Of Contamination By Solid Particles, adds a new three-part code with new reference particle size levels when contamination is measured using an automatic particle counter calibrated in accordance with ISO 11171.
Controlling sequential sampling of effluent from each filter to a single on-line particle counter.
Toluene was not used because it created non-reproducible blank tests with the particle counter.
During LHR, the portable condensation particle counters documented an eightfold increase, compared with the ambient room baseline level of ultrafine particle concentrations (ambient room baseline, 15,300 particles per cubic centimeter [ppc]; LHR with smoke evacuator, 129,376 ppc), even when a smoke evacuator was in close proximity (5.
With 105 distributors in 27 countries and operations in Japan and China, Utah-based Airy Technology, which provides measurement instruments globally, is a leading player in the segment of handheld particle counters, Particles Plus said.
For companies that wish to investigate indoor air quality, there is simply no better product currently on the market than the Airy Technology - Model P611 / Handheld Laser Particle Counter.
The detector employs a water condensation particle counter that condenses water vapor into particles, growing them to a size from which individual particles can be read using an optical detector.
The liquid particle counter sounds an alarm when water becomes contaminated and needs cleaning.
The PC-1 Particle Counter monitors particles within the 2-400 micron range, making it more sensitive - according to Rosemount - than a turbidity meter, important for early detection of filter break-through, in potable water and wastewater treatment plants.
The number concentration of microbeads was measured using a Coulter particle counter and gives a number [N.
A continuously running particle counter reports counts for eight size ranges once a minute.