Particular custom

PARTICULAR CUSTOM. A particular custom is one which only affects the inhabitants of some particular district. To be good, a particular custom must possess these requisites: 1. It must have been used so long that the memory of man runneth not to the contrary. 2. It must have been continued. 3. It must have been peaceable. 4. It must be reasonable. 5. It must be certain. 6. It must be consistent with itself. 7. lt must be consistent with other customs. 1 Bl. Com. 74, 79.

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They have a very particular custom, which obliges every man that hath a thousand cows to save every year one day's milk of all his herd, and make a bath with it for his relations, entertaining them afterwards with a splendid feast.
That only proves one thing," said D'Artagnan; "and that is, that you have your particular customs in finance, and M.
If everyone is telling a particular story or joke, participating in a particular custom, or sharing a particular meme, there's a reason.
The hashtags automatically appended a particular custom emoji to their tweets, depending on the tag used -- #AMAs1D, for massively popular group One Direction, was followed by cutouts of the four members' heads; #BieberonAMAs, the blond Biebs with his head bowed.
It's the 20th year of this particular custom, and more than 40 episodes will be shown, beginning early Wednesday with "The Old Man in the Cave,'' a classic post-apocalyptic tale, and ending New Year's morning.
This particular custom sees townsfolk - and an increasing number of tourists - embark on a riotous drink-fuelled trek around the boundaries of the township, stomping though woodland, fields and even people's living rooms.
And I'd be less than fully honest if I didn't also admit that Baer's inspiration for this particular custom pistol has a lot to do with how much I like it.
For example in the statutory court proceeding, the particular custom of an ethnic group can be the basis of a judgment but, if such custom of the party in question contradicts the state law and rule of natural justice, then the judge will have to declare such custom null and void and use general rule in the determination of case.
Beyond such customized demands, buy-siders approach brokers like Societe Generale with requests or ideas for particular custom strategies - sometimes variations of the existing panoply, sometimes a completely new strategy that might use a tailored short-term alpha signal or even a custom benchmark index (like for a relative value execution).
The Foundation supports new gunsmithing (in particular custom gunmaking) talent, dissemination of educational information to the custom gunmaking community, and enrichment opportunities for current custom gunsmiths.
Benitez will no doubt hope George Gillett and Tom Hicks don't pay too close attention to that particular custom.
Often they need help and in so doing, a mentor must pay respect to cultural nuances and try to gain an understanding of any particular custom or methodology that is not acceptable.