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Napoleon, in the Island of Elba, is too near France, and his proximity keeps up the hopes of his partisans.
Stay, yonder she is, where you see a group of partisans.
The visitor was Bitski, who served on various committees, frequented all the societies in Petersburg, and a passionate devotee of the new ideas and of Speranski, and a diligent Petersburg newsmonger- one of those men who choose their opinions like their clothes according to the fashion, but who for that very reason appear to be the warmest partisans.
Each had her partisans in the crowd, who encouraged and heaped ridicule with every prod.
He openly avowed his sympathy for Napoleon, now that the death of that great man put an end to the laws enacted against "the partisans of the usurper.
Can't last at this rate," say the knowing ones, while the partisans of each make the air ring with their shouts and counter-shouts of encouragement, approval, and defiance.
Partisans of Rouletabille fought with the supporters of Frederic Larsan.
Almost all these gentlemen were in heart partisans of the Emperor, and had their opinions about the speedy end of the campaign.
It does not become us, perhaps,' pursued the Dean, 'to be partisans.
The friar was now completely accoutred as a yeoman, with sword and buckler, bow, and quiver, and a strong partisan over his shoulder.
Naseby, for we are too well aware of the consequences; but we shall venture instead to print the facts of both cases referred to by this red-hot partisan in another portion of our issue.
He had been a partisan under General Wayne, in his Indian wars, where he had distinguished himself by his fiery spirit and reckless daring, and marvelous stories were told of his exploits.