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Unforgettable will be the 55-day frontal battle for the protection of Konispol and the heroism of the XIX Brigade partisans in the liberation of the cities of Delvina, Saranda and Gjirokastra.
This province has loved, sheltered, nurtured and worn the flocks of the few cattle it had and supported the Albanian partisans with all the power of their heart and mind.
Partisan gerrymandering has moved to the front burner of political
reminds us, partisan bias in redistricting has been a serious concern in
The Article proposes a new approach focused on legitimate state interest and partisan purpose, building on a constitutional norm against government partisanship.
Gerrymandering for partisan advantage is so well ingrained that Justice O'Connor once remarked that refusal by politicians in charge of redistricting to seek party advantage should be grounds for impeachment.
As vicarious experience, partisan conflict-framed news may encourage news consumers to respond to a disputed issue in the news as the members of the Democratic or Republican Party and show more extreme positions in the direction of their party.
Along similar lines, many studies acknowledge the role of partisan identity salience in political polarization (e.g., Druckman, Peterson, & Slothuus, 2013; Iyengar, Sood, & Lelkes, 2012; Levendusky, 2013).
This is so because elected officials, by the nature of their office, engage in partisan political activities all year round, even outside the campaign period.
If the President and other national and elective officials can engage in partisan political activities, he said then the same can be done lawfully by barangay officials because they are also elected officials.
Synopsis: Even in this most partisan and dysfunctional of eras, we can all agree on one thing: Washington is broken.
In this year's Supreme Court term, the justices have taken up the constitutionality of partisan gerrymandering in a case involving state legislative districts drawn by Republicans in Wisconsin.