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The most intuitive and frequently used criterion function in partitional clustering techniques is the squared error criterion which tends to work well with isolated and compact clusters.
The key feature of our OMCMST algorithm is it fuses the advantage of both divisive hierarchical and center-based partitional clustering approaches.
Soft Clustering Criterion Functions for Partitional Document Clustering.
stochastic: This issue is most relevant to partitional approaches designed to optimize a squared error function.
Hierarchical algorithms are more versatile than partitional algorithms.
Neural gas is similar to both neural network-based clustering and partitional one.
In recent years, various researchers have recognized that Partitional clustering algorithms [4] are well suited for clustering large document datasets due to their relatively low computational requirements.
However, the results of the partitional clusters are highly influenced by the proper selection of initial seed points.
This has resulted in different hybrid clustering systems, combining hierarchical and partitional clustering techniques [11, 12].
The text based technique with respect to clustering is divided into partitional clustering, hierarchical clustering, fuzzy clustering and probabilistic clustering.
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