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Legislative 'Cooperation' Guide," in Reform Party Caucus Agenda, Feb.
Some Democrats wanted to strip Lieberman of the chairmanship, but the party caucus voted 42-13 to allow him to keep it.
Coun Whitby, as with Albert Bore before him, is responsible only to the party caucus.
One of the reasons offered for these low levels of participation was that a party caucus takes place prior to the meeting and it is there that they take decisions, that get conveyed by male party functionaries.
His plans will meet with a challenge from the New Democratic Party caucus.
The debate has penetrated even that cradle of somnolence, the Liberal Party caucus.
This is edited from the author's full report to the Monroe County Green Party Caucus.
Bob Lessard, an iconoclastic fishing guide from a district close to the Canadian border, was a conservative Democrat for two decades, flirted with the Republicans, and now is an Independence Party caucus of one.
He plans to head to Sacramento today for his first party caucus, at which the new GOP leadership team will be chosen.
5 percent of the vote); while, as is now the case with 65 percent of the Liberal caucus elected from Ontario, FPTP can result in a single region or province dominating the governing party caucus.
This is then run past the party caucus to gauge reaction before it is presented to Parliament for deliberation.
For example, he said northern MPPs will play a prominent role in the cabinet and the party caucus.