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The New York City Administrative Code [section] 27-232 defines a party wall as "a fire division on an interior lot line common to two adjoining buildings.
Although the Party Wall Act is described as an "enabling" Act, it is important for those arranging the building works to serve the necessary Party Wall notice or notices on the adjoining owners at the correct time.
The Party Wall etc Act 1996 governs building work involving these, plus new boundary walls and some excavations close to neighbouring buildings.
An extension built inside their boundary will not come under the legislation relating to party walls, and access is negotiable.
This is clearly a neighbourly dispute and they have removed your own installation on what we consider to be a party wall.
The Akademie was typical: it used the existing three-storey Arnim Palace for offices and meeting rooms, then filled the garden to the back with a large block of top-lit exhibition halls, leaving only a narrow open space next to each party wall.
Christopher Hoyland, 42, called at George Evans's house on the day he was drilling holes in a party wall and plunged a knife into his neck.
Holding onto a hard hat as a visitor looks up at the sky through a 20-foot foot hole, it is quickly apparent that there was no way One World Trade Center -- a white totem rising up from the party wall and visibly unscathed -- would have come down.
2014/93414 for alterations to barn to create dwelling, including partial rebuild of 11 Wellhouse Farmhouse roof and party wall, demolition of outbuildings, building of detached dwelling, building of two carports and associated landscaping, Wellhouse Farm Barn, Wellhouse, Mirfield.
If the basement conversion involves cutting into or underpinning a wall that is shared with your neighbour - a party wall - or you propose to excavate within three or six metres and below the level of your neighbour's foundations, then you will need to serve them with a Party Wall Notice in accordance with the Party Wall etc Act 1996 before doing so.
An initial assessment by the council's structural engineer suggests that there may have been a failure of an internal central brick support pier which was supporting the upper floors and roof along the party wall of 85 and 87 King Street.
AN ISLAMIC school has been ordered to install sound proofing to a party wall to prevent creating a noise and nuisance to it next-door neighbour.