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PASS BOOK, com. law. A book used by merchants with their customers, in which an entry of goods sold and delivered to a customer is made.
     2. It is kept by the buyer, and sent to the merchant whenever he wishes to purchase any. article. It ought to be a counterpart of the merchant's books, as far as regards the customer's account.
     3. Among English bankers, the term pass book is given to a small book made up from time to time, from the banker's ledger, and forwarded to the customer; this is not considered as a statement of account between the parties, yet when the customer neglects for a long time to make any objection to the correctness of the entries he will be bound by them. 2 Atk. 252; 2 Deac. & Ch. 534; 2 M. & W. 2.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The upshot is that I now have to shovel her indoors into the passion wagon, drive into town again and try and park as near as possible while paying for the privilege, sit down with a staff member with passports to fill in forms, answer a load of damn fool questions, just to get my name on her pass book so that I can pay money in.
He also admitted trying to withdraw pounds 250 from a branch of the Halifax with the stolen card and pass book.
1) The 1970s tempo of the disbursement of agricultural loans may be revived by introducing interest free loans on surety basis as well as through pass book system.
The paper gives a brief review of the Pass Book Scheme and the 1972 Bank Reforms.
A BIRMINGHAM mother-of-three used her son's pass book to send gay-hate abuse to one of his teachers after she had been banned from the school, a court heard.
and pass book from Stephen Guy is chairman of the historic .Lowlands West Derby Community Centre.
The pass book shows a balance of just over pounds 13, but I wonder whether this, plus any interest, could still be claimed?
Everyone who worked in the Jackson Street check office, cash office and pass book office is welcome to come along.
Between January and February, her handbag was stolen at the hospital, which contained a National Savings pass book to an account which contained just over pounds 20,000.
POLICE want to identify this man in relation to a burglary in which a building society pass book was stolen.
A number of services will be provided to the weavers and artisans in these camps like issuance of credit facilities through MUDRA scheme, assistance for technological enhancement under Hathkargha Samvardhan Sahayata, distribution of modern tool kits and equipments and issuance of Yarn Pass Book.