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It includes profiles of some of the more common bad bosses, such as the No-Boss Boss, the Pass the Buck Boss and the one that is Clueless but Connected.
For the NHS, which created the problem, to pass the buck to Merseytravel, does not look like joinedup public policy making.
But last night the owners, Highfield Care, denied this, saying: "Social services seem to be trying to pass the buck here.
Saturday's 1-0 loss at Everton leaves Southampton one from bottom in the Premiership and after hounding out Sturrock after just two matches this term, Lowe tried to pass the buck.
So don't pass the buck on to someone else for the mess that you created.
The attempt to pass the buck (or, more appropriately, the collection plate) to the taxpayer amounts to government support, promotion and advocacy of a specific religious view.