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The two annual surveys of savings accounts covered passbook accounts and statement accounts separately.
Just eight passbook accounts pay over five per cent, compared with 18 accounts without passbooks.
Among the two savings account types, passbook accounts had two significant changes: an increase in the low-balance fee at banks and an increase in the minimum balance to avoid a fee at savings associations.
I believe this prevailing trend is common for many business-services organizations, whether the company offers trucking capabilities, such as nationwide LTL, or banking services -- such as loans, passbook accounts and portfolio management.
According to Chase Federal Bank, Miami, a savings club passbook account is a gift everyone will love.
A $1 deposit is required to open the Boston Red Sox Passbook Account and monthly service charges will be waived for youngsters under 18 years-old in Connecticut and 19 years-old in Massachusetts.
As is customary, OSEO obtains half its financing from the markets, and the other half through the resources of the Sustainable Development Passbook Accounts centralised by the Caisse des DepE[sup.
SAVERS with passbook accounts are being hit hardest with pathetic interest rates.
The Czech Republic had been criticized in the past for allowing anonymous passbook accounts to exist within the banking system.
17 Non-interest earning assets 46,653 49,454 Total assets $774,415 $810,886 Liabilities and retained earnings: Interest-bearing liabilities: Passbook accounts $166,048 $991 2.
If our passbook accounts are worth keeping a watchful eye on, aren't our brothers and sisters?
Besides the pragmatic-minded's traditional gifts for children such as savings bonds, mutual funds and passbook accounts, another alternative is stuffing some stock into that stocking.