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Convenience, security and agility: SMS PASSCODE delivered secure and convenient self-service password reset functionality and leveraged multi-factor authentication to confirm the user's identity.
Call or e-mail the media contact above to get your personal passcode.
Intelligent security: SMS PASSCODE employs adaptive authentication that determines whether users are logging in from trusted locations (such as home or the office, versus an airport lounge with public Wi-Fi), and delivers the appropriate level of security.
SMS PASSCODE provides seamless integration to remote access systems and cloud applications for a secure, intuitive and user-friendly login experience.
For your chance to pick up your free towel, just collect the four passcodes we'll print in-paper until Wednesday.
SMS PASSCODE provides a superior user experience by taking full advantage of contextual information - such as login behavior patterns and geo-location - to assess the threat level and automatically adjust the level of authentication needed.
SUPPORTING QUOTE: Torben Andersen, chief commercial officer, SMS PASSCODE said: "Enterprises, governments and financial institutions are seeking flexible and secure ways to authenticate remote users of cloud business software.
SMS PASSCODE has become the leading technology for multi-factor authentication since being founded in Denmark in 2005, serving a global audience through more than 600 value-added resellers worldwide.
the leader in cloud-based enterprise mobility management(EMM), has released data that shows 85 percent of enterprise users have a passcode automatically enforced on their smartphone or tablet, and 93 percent of those users are employing the most basic passcode type.
July 29 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Pilgrim's Pride Corporation (NYSE: PPC) today announced that it has changed the phone numbers and passcodes for its second-quarter conference call with investors on Friday, July 30, 2010, at 9 a.
Eastern time PASSCODE 35085977 Second Conference Call: For Johannesburg: 16:00 For North America: 10:00 a.