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The rower added on his Twitter account: "IOC passing the buck to individual federations on whether to allow Russian athletes to compete in Rio 2016.
passing the buck to the committee, saying the trio has been entrusted with the job of picking the right man for the job and the Board would continue with the current set- up -- Ravi Shastri as Team Director assisted by Sanjay Bangar, R.
WE have the best government in the world for passing the buck.
New Delhi, Sep 29 ( ANI ): Bharatiya Janata Party's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Sunday accused Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit of passing the buck to the Centre for the law and order problem in Delhi, and said that the latter doesn't have any work to do except 'cutting ribbons'.
Coun Steffan Wiliam said: "It's time for an end to people passing the buck and playing the blame game about the second Island road.
But he didn't say yes, either, passing the buck to the trust which runs his second home.
It's a small world Page 2 Wooldale LOCAL authorities stand accused of passing the buck over a dangerous Holme Valley cliff overlooking a disused quarry which has been left unsecured.
This may be seen as passing the buck politically in the hope that an improved economic situation makes a decision easier, but could add cost in the long run," he said.
Any politician who claims that it is not their responsibility to enforce all of our nation's laws is just passing the buck.
POLICE were last night passing the buck over a man's claims that he warned them about two of the July 7 bombers nearly two years before the attacks.
Abram Wilson, the mayor of San Ramon, California, cannot be accused of passing the buck when it comes maintaining law and order in his city.