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For readers who may find the first half of this book too theoretical, the concrete diagnosis and applications here rivet attention to the office pathologies of passing the buck, the gossip triangle, and mob behavior.
The banks, meanwhile, have been passing the buck to federal regulators.
Congress decided the issue (albeit by passing the buck to a special commission) and gave the presidency to Rutherford B.
He said: "The present government has deliberately off-loaded responsibilities to local authorities, for example in the area of council tax support, without the necessary financial resources- a process I have labelled passing the buck without passing the bucks.
He didn't blame individuals, which would have been going too far in passing the buck.
IN HER heartfelt letter (Mail, October 29), Barbara Dunn says starving babies throughout the world need our help and that looking to blame God is a way of passing the buck.
MINISTERS have been accused of passing the buck when it comes to improving safety on the A1 in Northumberland.
Unmarried girls have been pram-pushing since the 1980s and will continue to do so until a long-established body of social advisers known as "parents" take responsibility for their offspring and stop passing the buck to others.
Such a demand takes passing the buck to a whole new level.
The account of the first sin in the Bible is a good example of passing the buck.
It comes against the backdrop of Scotland's 12 top-flight clubs passing the buck and allowing the SPL board to vote on whether Dunfermline should keep a synthetic surface for next season.