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c) Parse out the SSID and passphrase from the unencrypted string
You will be asked to enter Mike's passphrase, which is "Mike's passphrase".
You can select to have your computer automatically connect to this network, so you won't have to enter the SSID, passphrase and other information every time you connect to the Internet.
And if you are setting up your own network without an authentication server, be sure to use a strong PSK passphrase (with both WPA and WPA2 networks).
The new technique, commonly known as Dynamic Pre-Shared Key (PSK), effectively eliminates tedious and time-consuming manual installation of encryption keys, passphrases or user credentials needed to securely access a wireless network.
Select a Wi-Fi protected access (WPA) passphrase with the same careful attention you must give to your other passwords.
The purpose is that the next time they come back and log in, we will present that photo and passphrase to them so they can rest assured that they're at the right location" and not some fake site, Carter says.
He explains that "in the hacking community they've determined how to get at the private key, given that they have access to the physical asset--no different than the ability to determine a password if you have the passphrase.
I can require a passphrase and fingerprint every time something happens, or, for the sake of convenience, a passphrase during bootup and a fingerprint for everything after that.
This passphrase should be written down immediately because it never appears in plain text anywhere on screen or in a printout and is not recoverable by the SEC.
LegacyArmour is the only site in the world that provides this fully automatic service and has patents pending on both the delivery of information after a triggering event and on LegacyArmour's unique and elegant method of encrypting information without requiring the person storing the information or the recipient to remember a passphrase.