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A passphrase unique to you is decidedly stronger than a 10-character password made of a muddle of letters, numbers and symbols.
Pack the SSID, passphrase, MAC, and connectivity status into a string.
Once registered, the customer can authenticate themselves at the IVR level or at the agent level by speaking their passphrase. Fraudulently withdrawing money would be much harder for criminals if these screening methods were in place.-it would deter criminals from attempting to defraud in the first place!
In WEP mode even though the length of the passphrase is increased or complicated, only 30 minutes were taken to break the code.
Rosenberger, "Keystroke dynamics with low constraints SVM based passphrase enrollment," in Proceedings of the IEEE 3rd International Conference on Biometrics: Theory, Applications and Systems (BTAS '09), pp.
Enter "DSA and Elgamal" for key kind, 2048 for key size, "key does not expire" for key expiration date, "Alice" for real name, for email address, "Alice's keys" as comment, and "Alice's passphrase" for passphrase.
The new EASE security features include: Device Lock/Unlock for remotely locking devices; Device Wip, which remotely wipes a corporate owned device to permanently delete all media and data, and restore to factory settings; an App Inventory; App Delete, which remotely deletes apps installed from the Apperian App Catalog; and Mocana MAP App Wrapping, that allows the user to add new policies into existing apps, such as data encryption, copy/paste control, per-app VPN and passphrase authentication
Enter a passphrase to access the network; make sure to set this to something that would be difficult for others to guess, and consider using a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters in the passphrase.
Second, end-users should be taught how to construct a passphrase, which combines the first letters of a phrase coupled with numbers which substitute for words, as a more secure alternative to passwords (Charoen, Raman, & Olfman, 2008; Weber, et al., 2008).
The investor is then required to call back to access the Stock Portfolio Inquiry Service using their ID, create a PIN code and set up a voice recording of a secret passphrase.
The PTK is created when a client connects to an access point using a preshared key (a passphrase that is known to all network members) and a random number generator.
Many companies have used a passphrase that must be shared among many users and manually entered into client devices.