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OVERDUE. A bill, note, bond or other contract, for the payment of money at a particular day, when not paid upon the day, is overdue.
     2. The indorsement of a note or bill overdue, is equivalent to drawing a new bill payable at sight. 2 Conn. 419; 18 Pick. 260; 9 Alab. R. 153.
     3. A note when passed or assigned when overdue, is subject to all the equities between the original contracting parties. 6 Conn. 5; 10 Conn. 30, 55; 3 Har. (N. J.) Rep. 222.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Number of properties that are 30 or more days past due or in foreclosure: 2,065,000
DepEd has also requested the GSIS for the condonation of compounded accrued interest on past due loans.
The LRP was also announced to members of the Filipino community through a circular sent by the Philippine embassy in Doha saying that programme covers "member-borrowers" with past due short-term loans living or working in calamity-stricken areas declared by the government.
Also, this agreement means that ICA Bank's loan receivables that have become past due will be successively taken over by Intrum Justitia.
No one in the department streamlined processes or researched how to automate the numerous, tedious steps like auto-emailing statements and past due letters, setting up standard workflows, scheduling calls and updating credit files according to risk.
The increase for the quarter was driven by a 37-basispoint increase in loans one payment past due. The foreclosure measures for FHA loans declined both over the quarter and relative to last year."
Receivables more than 60 days past due rose to 29% by June, almost three times what Microsoft considers an acceptable level.
In West Palm Beach-Boca Raton-Boynton Beach, 20.3 percent of loans were 90 days or more past due in May.
Commercial real estate loans that are thirty or more days past due (and still accruing interest) ticked up in the third quarter of last year.
As of March 31, 5.38% of WTCU credit cards were more than 60 days past due. March 2009's mortgage delinquencies returned to 0%, thanks to charge offs that cleaned house after the Dec.
A wake-up call to Congress by citizen taxpayers is way past due. Don't be shy about saving your freedom.
Experience shows that over half of receivables greater than 30 days past due are disputed, so the speed in which disputes are researched and resolved with the customer can directly decrease the number of past-due receivables.