Past due medical bills - atty. withdrew funds

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Country: United States of America
State: Colorado

I had a medical bill that was sent to a lawyer's office for collections. I made payment arrangements with them in July of this year, and agreed to pay them 100 dollars a month, I made one payment in August, in September and October we encountered some financial problems, my husband is in the military and had received new orders to CO. Being the military things happened and until he received his new orders on paper we didn't receive any money for 2 months. We had to do a temporary change of address for here, and just recently received all of October's mail with a letter from the attorney's office I was paying saying that I needed to pay them within 10 day of receiving the letter, well the letter was dated for October 17th, and i just received it November 12th. Well to get to the problem, today the law office took out a garnishment of 2000 dollars from our bank account, which was all the money we had in there. Of course I called them and they were more than r due to me, I told them I couldn't find any of my previous statements to call them, and it was never my plan to just not pay them. I guess my question is are they allowed to take every last penny from you, I understand that they have to have the payment, but couldn't they just have taken 200 dollars, what I owed them for last month and September, instead of leaving us with nothing to live on?


They can only do that if you failed to appear in may inform the court if you never rec'd court papers.
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