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In that past life, they were married to each other and it was she, as the husband, who was doing the womanizing.
Over the next five pages of this Past Life Christmas special, we bring you some of the best.
Past life regression therapy sounded crazy, but gave her hope.
The book is broken down into ailments from diabetes and rheumatism to sex problems and drug addiction and claims that once the past life is explored, the condition often improves.
Her life dramatically changes as she realizes that her past life has been completely eliminated.
THE FIRST TIME I was guided into a past life regression was in Thailand, in 2005.
Afterwards the psychic wrote to me asking if I'd like to do a personal past life reading.
Playground upgrading required as apparatus is past life expectancy.
I appreciate his desire to create a better environment and keen observation in finding evidence of past life in boulders for embankment construction.
With the help of fifty volunteers, ranging in age from 23 to 81, Joanne regressed each to the past life that was having the most impact on them now.
She and Griffon have a rough road to follow, though, when her husband from a past life makes an appearance in this one.
London, Jan 27 ( ANI ): Tom Hanks has asserted that he used to be a cow in his past life.