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Sabine Lucas explores what she calls "soul bloodlines"--character traits, life issues, and talents--that are integrated subconsciously into our dreams and reveal valuable information about our past lives. These "soul bloodlines" also expose the forces occurring in our present lives, and when combined with our traits from past successive lives, they inevitably work to shape us as individuals in the reincarnation cycle.
While past-life regression therapy has gained traction in the West -- one out of four Americans now believe they've had past lives, a massive jump from a decade ago, according to a Gallup poll -- the trend has a tougher time in Lebanon, facing challenges not only from the medical establishment but also from influential religious authorities.
Exhausted I remember past lives that chattered once with joy and grief.
The score will be performed live by an ensemble including Travis, Surt - and Catherine - when Past Lives comes to Warwick Arts Centre on Wednesday (6.30pm).
They had been very close friends in their past lives. He also had changed sex during rebirth and therefore had no sex needs.
Thai film Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives has beaten off British competition to be awarded the coverted top prize at the Cannes Film Festival, the Palme d'Or.
WHAT IT'S ENDED UP AS: The show took a regressive turn early on, as participants were made to conveniently 'travel' to their past lives through hypnosis.
In similar fashion, the past lives here seem conspicuously calibrated to create unsolved cases that are recent enough so as to allow a perky past-life Ph.D.
These past lives could have left you with a superiority complex and you may have your work cut out convincing those around you to listen to your ideas.