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While past-life regression therapy has gained traction in the West -- one out of four Americans now believe they've had past lives, a massive jump from a decade ago, according to a Gallup poll -- the trend has a tougher time in Lebanon, facing challenges not only from the medical establishment but also from influential religious authorities.
WHAT IT'S ENDED UP AS: The show took a regressive turn early on, as participants were made to conveniently 'travel' to their past lives through hypnosis.
In similar fashion, the past lives here seem conspicuously calibrated to create unsolved cases that are recent enough so as to allow a perky past-life Ph.
These past lives could have left you with a superiority complex and you may have your work cut out convincing those around you to listen to your ideas.
PAST lives as scientists, observers, watchers looking at things through microscopes and in macro climates, not getting involved in things - guess what the balancing act here is?
She says: "I've had many past lives, including an Indian street urchin, Mongolian nomad, court jester and prostitute.
Since past lives can't be scientifically proven, I've decided that in my past life, I must have been something Italian - a man, woman, child, designer dress or even a nice bottle of red.
celebrity guests got a glimpse of their past lives, thanks to regression therapist Andrea Foulkes.
While reading tarot and helping people look into the future is his specialty, Wagner also offers services that he said can help people look into their pasts--their past lives.
The engaging novel Over And Over You so deftly and imaginatively written by Amy McAuley is a story of a seventeen-year-old girl, who can barely keep a boy's attention for a five-minute conversation, and the experiences of her past lives haunting the present day.
The book includes the extra bonus of some guidelines for parents on how to handle their children's statements about past lives (p.