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OVERDUE. A bill, note, bond or other contract, for the payment of money at a particular day, when not paid upon the day, is overdue.
     2. The indorsement of a note or bill overdue, is equivalent to drawing a new bill payable at sight. 2 Conn. 419; 18 Pick. 260; 9 Alab. R. 153.
     3. A note when passed or assigned when overdue, is subject to all the equities between the original contracting parties. 6 Conn. 5; 10 Conn. 30, 55; 3 Har. (N. J.) Rep. 222.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Before reporting past-due property to a state, a holder should determine whether that state has an unclaimed property VDA program.
But again, that particular number varies broadly: The prevalence of past-due medical debt is 10 times higher in Louisiana (30 percent) than it is Minnesota (3 percent).
Now in an attempt to untangle what is becoming a dizzyingly difficult tax and water charge delinquency, attorneys for Niagara County, the Town of Niagara, and the Niagara Falls Water Board are engaging in talks to see who TAM Ceramics actually owes the past-due amounts.
Banks across the nation continue to grapple with past-due CRE loans at levels far higher than at any time in the past decade, both in terms of volume and relative to equity capital.
Further, they can now reduce days sales outstanding (DSO) and customer defaults by boosting payment rates and by reducing costs related with printing, mailing statements and past-due notices.
Since that time, Pittsburgh Brewing has made $500,000 in payments on past-due water bills.
They usually do not abate interest on past-due taxes, because the statutes that assess interest on delinquent taxes typically do not grant the discretion to waive interest.
Mortgage guaranty insurance claims usually include losses for loan principal and past-due loan interest, and losses associated with the property's resale if sold for less than the original price, Davis said.
One of the major causes of past-due receivables is that the facility has not defined clearly to its residents/responsible parties and business-office staff when the accounts are to be paid.
We also ask arrears clients for a series of postdated checks (for any amounts) for as much as a year in advance, so the past-due balances can be settled gradually.
In today's business environment, business owners and bill collectors can't threaten deadbeat clients with concrete galoshes if they don't pay their past-due bills.
Specifically, accounting inconsistencies relate to (1) how and where initial and subsequent fair value adjustments are recorded and (2) the reporting of past-due and non-accrual loans that have been designated as held for sale.