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The initial color of the pastel green compounds had a higher yellowness index for the regular oil-extended compound vs.
The most noticeable difference in the new note is the pastel green, peach and blue in the note's background.
Offered in pastel green natural rubber latex, NextStep gloves help reduce powder-related complications.
Pastel green patches occurred on the side and back walls where light was able to reach.
A self pro claimed flea market hound, Brachman scours the concrete fields of Manhattan for dusty cook books, little pink do-dads and pastel green thingamabobs; true relics of the 50s and 60s, a time when soda fountains and ice cream cones were all the rage.
Far more interesting are Pixies (pecans, caramel, and silky milk chocolate) and Mint Meltaways (chocolate mint centers covered in milk chocolate; half are coated in a pale pastel green, which is startling, but equally delicious).
These pastel green structures range from 40 to 80 ft in length and shelter passengers.
But when I tilt my hat back and look up, I see new, pastel green leaves popping out high in the tree tops.
One gallery, painted the shade of pastel green that museums seem to reserve for historic masterworks, contained a framed reproduction of Gericault's Officier de chasseurs a cheval de la garde imperiale chargeant (The Charging Chasseur), 1812.
Multipurpose Copy Paper, Pastel Green, Standard 20lb.
So if you feel like recreating Applejacks pastel green or trying a little bit of Pinkie Pie, you'll be in good company.
The packaging for both is pastel green but it would be difficult to argue the colours used by Simple are distinctive, because pastel shades are commonly used in cosmetics.