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PASTURES, pastures. The land on which beasts are fed; and by a grant of pastures the land itself passes. 1 Thorn. Co, Litt. 202.

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She had thirty cattle in her bunch; it had been dry, and the pasture was short, or she wouldn't have brought them so far.
A young Indian repairs occasionally to the pasture to give them water, and to see that all is well.
Then there's pasture ropes, an' nose-bags, an' a harness punch, an' all such things.
Williamson strolled leisurely down the gravel walk, plucking a flower as he went, passed across the road and into the pasture, pausing a moment as he closed the gate leading into it, to greet a passing neighbor, Armour Wren, who lived on an adjoining plantation.
The coachman was directed to drive back, and as the vehicle turned Williamson was seen by all three, walking leisurely across the pasture. At that moment one of the coach horses stumbled and came near falling.
Our first day's ride was to a solitary house, called Yerba Buena, where there was pasture for our horses.
We crossed also the valley of Chaneral; which, although the most fertile one between Guasco and Coquimbo, is very narrow, and produces so little pasture, that we could not purchase any for our horses.
Rain, as often as it falls, which is about once in every two or three years, is a great advantage, because the cattle and mules can for some time afterwards find a little pasture in the mountains.
The highest values of potassium, sum of bases, capacity of cationic exchange, and organic matter in the soil were observed in pasture 1 of Montes Claros; the highest values of calcium were found in the pastures (Tables 1 and 2) of Montes Claros and in the pasture of Ibiracatu; the lowest value of magnesium were found in the savanna and pasture 3 of Montes Claros; and the lowest quantity of fine sandy was found in pasture 1 of Montes Claros and the pasture of Ibiracatu (Table 3).
Based on the latest statistics, 15.7 million tons of forage, 5.4 million cubic meters of pastures and 2 million cubic meters of timber are produced annually in Iran [4].
Giyasov presented a report on aridity of Uzbekistans climate, total area of land, in particular pasture of their degradation pastures.
Home Place Pastures highlights the best food of the Southeast and Mississippi's best blues music in the most Mississippi way--a picnic.