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With Patch Tuesday Microsoft gathers together its security updates and releases them all at once on the second Tuesday of every month, giving limited advance warnings of the contents of the updates.
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Users and sysadmins should apply August's Patch Tuesday fixes as soon as possible: the bugs can be exploited to remotely execute code on vulnerable systems, allowing miscreants to hijack computers and install malware by tricking people into opening documents and webpages, The Register reported.
The webcast will focus on the best practices security professionals should take into account before, during and after Microsoft Patch Tuesday.
The software giant's MS06-042 patch, a cumulative update for Internet Explorer, first issued as part of Redmond's regular Patch Tuesday Update cycle, unwittingly introduced new security problems.
The idea, as with Linux, is that users send feedback and, hopefully, put an end to the monthly Patch Tuesday madness we all suffer.
Microsoft used yesterday's Patch Tuesday to fix the infamous Freak encryption Windows flaw, but also quietly slipped in a remedy for protection against the Stuxnet worm, previously thought to have been patched in 2010, The Register reported.
The rollout is expected to occur on the second Tuesday of April, to coincide with the usual Patch Tuesday distribution.
Following complaints from Surface 2 users regarding issues booting their tablets because of a BitLocker device encryption error, Microsoft was quick in releasing a fix outside of its monthly Patch Tuesday process, Verge reported.
Although the remaining half-dozen bulletins — Microsoft's term for its Patch Tuesday updates — were all rated as only important, some researchers spotted intriguing characteristics that they said deserve users' attention.
After one Patch Tuesday, it was discovered that for a European operator the amount of network bandwidth consumed by operating system upgrades rose from 3.
Known as Patch Tuesday, Microsoft pushed out 3 fixes to the masses, one closing up a critical vulnerability in its Windows Internet Name Service (WINS).