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PATENTEE. He to whom a patent has been granted. The term is usually applied to one who has obtained letters-patent for a new invention.
     2. His rights are, 1. To make, sell and enjoy the profits, during the existence, of his rights, of the invention or discovery patented. 2. To recover damages for a violation of such rights. 3. To have an injunction to prevent any infringement of such rights.
     3. His duties are to supply the public, upon reasonable terms, with the thing patented.

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In contrast to the BGH, the European Commission had demanded higher requirements for FRAND licensing offers by the patentee.
In any event, the patentee will be notified of any proposed
Table 1: Effect of Previous Judgments Claim Previously Found: Effect for Patentee in Later Litigation: Infringed None/weakly positive Not infringed None/potentially negative Valid Weakly positive Invalid Fatal
fee, Lemley reasonably suggested that every patentee who is a member of
Both the specification and the claims are drafted by the patentee, and
Post-MedImmune cases in the Federal Circuit and in lower courts insist upon a showing of affirmative acts from the patentee indicating an intention to enforce his patent and affirmative acts from the declaratory plaintiff indicating that she is "ready, willing and able" to infringe the patents at any time in order to establish the legally cognizable interest required for justiciability.
injunction, the patentee would not have to return to a court of law to
that a patentee should obtain a monopoly covering the new and
Finally, gene patents obstruct any research that might implicate a claimed sequence, even as it relates to issues in which the patentee is ostensibly uninterested.
indicated that the patentee was entitled to substantial rights under a
For the patentee to be entitled to an SPC the active ingredient (or combination thereof) must not have already been the subject of a certificate.
After researching the market sector, the patentee needs to make a list of all the companies they wish to approach.