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PATER. Father. A term used in making genealogical tables.

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12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- BridgeLight Capital has announced that Larry "Bucky" Staley, Christy Pater Schmitt, Shaun Elizabeth Bracken, Lee H.
Police at the scene at Pater Court in Pembroke Dock
There are 13 monks in residence, including Pater Arno and the Abbot, although some of the monks are away on missionary trips.
Mr Pater said: "I have written a 'pop style' counting song which has enabled even our reception children, aged four and five, to be able to sing their times tables from the twos up to the tens - including all the hard ones.
The junior groomsman was the nephew of the bride, Jayce Henry Pater.
It is easy to believe that a man with the name of Calvin Augustine Pater was born to be a church historian," said the obituary posted on Knox College's website.
The posters said the Naxals were going to stay in the village, so we left the village in fear, and since then we have been living in anonymity," said Pater.
And, of course, there were also plenty of hot cross buns too - with bakers Mike Goddard, Gerhard Patzer and Pater Inger making a massive 12lb bun in 1976.
In our solar system, Uranus remains one of the most mysterious objects; we don't know why it's so different from the other three gas planets," says de Pater.
A few years ago I felt a faint wary wish to read Pater again.
Michelle Pater had told Antony Long, 24, to leave the pub in Egremont, Cumbria, because he was shouting and swearing.