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PATER. Father. A term used in making genealogical tables.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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At Walker's suggestion all who were afraid were let off, in honour of Pater Brooke's speech.
"You know what the best type of a Mohammedan gentleman can be, pater? He was that."
(23) Billie Andrew Inman, "John 'Dorian' Gray and the theme of subservient love in Pater's works of the 1890's," Comparative Criticism: An Annual Journal, No.
In Plato, and especially in the Phaedrus, authors such as John Addington Symonds, Walter Pater, and Oscar Wilde find a myth that links male homosexuality to artistic and literary eminence.
Because of the title of his first published book, Studies in the History of the Renaissance, Pater is often linked to the Renaissance.
"If these plumes are vigorous and continue to have convective events, they may disturb one of these entire bands over time, though it may take a few months," said study leader Imke de Pater, a UC Berkeley professor emerita of astronomy.
Located in Graves, Liber Pater already boasts the most expensive average bottle prices in Bordeaux, according to Wine Searcher data.
Speaking at a press briefing, managing director Mike Pater, said the investment at Invergordon would allow the business to meet peak seasonal demands and cover a larger geographical area.
Pater as assistant vice president - Internal Audit for the Cincinnati, Ohio-based company and its subsidiaries.
This is the story of the unrequited papsak and my fermented pater
Darius Pater, who lives in Bebington, went under the surgeon's knife three times after a small hole developed in the cleft of his buttocks.
Mortuus Pater Pictures is seeking up to $700,000 for the half-hour comedy series pilot "The Examined Life," which was created and written by Little Rock screenwriter Graham Gordy.