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PATER. Father. A term used in making genealogical tables.

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The Volvo grew rowdy with rejoicing, our way of expressing ourselves and also covering the bestial sounds that Pater, stretching himself, always made when coming back to life.
DURING THE ARDUOUS PERIOD IN WHICH HE WAS WRITING HIS HIGHLY WROUGHT historical novel Marius the Epicurean, Walter Pater published only one minor unsigned review.
When the pater was apprehended muling hooch in his diapers our reaction was neither shock nor shame, nor even embarrassment.
In particular, she stresses the importance to cobrero men of an ideology of pater familia.
We were lucky enough to detect the beginning of an outburst," says planetary scientist Imke de Pater of the University of California, Berkeley.
I, given over to voracious, mostly random reading in my high school days (usually any book other than the one assigned), had stumbled on a writer who told me what I wanted to hear: Walter Pater in The Renaissance.
Darius Pater, who lives in Bebington, went under the surgeon's knife three times after a small hole developed in the cleft of his buttocks.
Mortuus Pater Pictures is seeking up to $700,000 for the half-hour comedy series pilot "The Examined Life," which was created and written by Little Rock screenwriter Graham Gordy.
Tennyson and Mathew Arnold were names on people's lips and, along with Walter Pater and Jowett, were revered accordingly.
For Walter, this prophetic notion of imagetext also points to Pater's presentation of "embodied vision" (40); that is, by continually pointing to the limits of vision, Pater calls attention to bodily limitations in experiencing art.
Critique: "Headline Murder" by Pater Bartram is a skillfully constructed mystery that plays fair with the reader and hold's the reader's rapt attention from first page to last.