Pater familias

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PATER FAMILIAS, civil law. One who was sui juris and consequently was not either under parental power, nor under that of a master; a child in his cradle, therefore, could have been pater familias, if he had neither a master nor a father. Lec. Elem. Sec. 127, 128.

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Dicho de otro modo, el imaginario del padre reconstruido a partir de estos testimonios muestra los matices del padre que conserva la estampa de Zeus y del pater familias, y que refleja al mismo tiempo el impacto de la modernidad sobre la mentalidad colectiva.
El matrimonio no se basaba en el amor, el pater familias elegia por razones politicas y/o economicas un matrimonio ventajoso para sus fines.
The Pirates took the lead when the Pittsburgh pater familias, Willie Stargell, launched a two-run homer in the sixth inning.
As for the men, they have lost their role as pater familias, not to mention the fact that the children speak the language of their ancestors so badly, the sagacious ethnologist would add by way of conclusion.
The sometimes subtle, sometimes brutally direct control of this public/private corporal arena has been wielded by a range for dominators, from the pater familias to our sexual/emotional partners and even our children; by teachers in school; by priests, doctors and judges; by the State and its institutions; even by the communications media.
Noe Chevrier was the pater familias in the late 19th century tradition, but evidence also suggests that he supported and promoted his daughter's business acumen and literary talents.
Calculatedly homespun, cunningly low-key, Thomas was the type of reassuring pater familias whose presence on the TV screen assured Americans that there was still room in this society for folksiness and tradition, that we weren't going to hell in a hand-basket.
Orators present marriage not only as compatible with the philosopher's way of life but also as a prerequisite for a wise prince, who marries in order to fulfill his role as pater familias and pater patriae.
Even in the middle-class home the behaviour of pater familias did not always match the ideal.
Este tiene que cumplir su deber como pater familias y le hace saber a Beckett que en la casa de los Joyce el es persona non grata.
One of my favourite chapters of this engrossing account is that which the writer calls, 'The Force as a Family', with the chief constable as a kind of pater familias.
Where he recommends a tender nurturement, Podsnap supplies instead the peremptory edicts of a pater familias, reversing the upward, aspiring line of shoot, in the retraction of `shrink'.