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PATER. Father. A term used in making genealogical tables.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Patern 1: Uniform, yakin, benign bezlere benzer oval yuvarlak orta boy bezlerin olusturdugu iyi sinirli nodul.
After a break of 60 years, in the context of the theopaschite controversy of the Scythian monks, Bishop Patern signed the acts of the Synod of Constantinople with the title metropolitanus.
Albeit variable, the distributon patern of microsatellite repeats in Frieseomelita species was mostly coincident with heterochromatc regions.
Inflamatuar karsinomada veya lokal ileri invaziv meme karsinomunda, dermal ve intramammarian lenfatiklerin icindeki malign hucre depozisyonu, MG'de retikuler patern, cilt kalinlasmasi ve diffuz asimetrik odem seklinde ortaya cikabilir [16].
Paravertebral kaslara yapilan igne EMG'de fibrilasyon ve pozitif keskin dalgalar tespit edilebilir veya miyojenik patern kayit edilebilir.
Moreover, the DSM-5 expands the scope of MDD by adding some depressive subtypes (such as disruptive mood dysregulation disorder) and specifers (such as "with mixed features", "with anxious distress", "with melancholic features", "with atypical features", "with peripartum onset", "with seasonal patern", etic.), which may further increase the difficulty of improving the inter-rater reliability of clinicians diagnosing MDD.[15]
The care home will run on a 12 hours shift patern and create roles including care home manager, assistant manager or administrator, chef and assistant chef.
Correlation with computerized fetal heart rate patern. Am J Obatet Gynecol 1994; 170: 509-515.
Effects of food patern change and physical exercise on cafeteria diet-induced obesity in female rats.
The trailing wake patern is more unstable in the case of lower turbulence intensity, leading to an oscillation in the lift coefficient of the downstream blade which it impacts.
Label this the side pocket patern. Trace a second copy of the pattern and label it as the pocket lining pattern.