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PATERNAL. That which belongs to the father or comes from him: as, paternal power, paternal relation, paternal estate, paternal line. Vide Line.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Silencing of the paternal UBE3A allele is regulated by the UBE3Aantisense transcript (UBE3A-AS), the target of GTX-102.
Her paternal grandfather took care of her, helped raise her and supported her education from kindergarten to college.
But Mr Ongadi said the council will enquire if the dowry was still binding to enable the paternal family own the body.
Ongadi said the paternal family had the right to bury Okoth if his late father Nicholas Anayo Obonyo had paid dowry to marry Okoth's mother Angeline Ajwang'.
It has been demonstrated that increased paternal BMI is associated with decreased IVF success.4,12 Some of the previous studies found that paternal overweight status was an independent negative factor for clinical pregnancy and live birth rates following IVF but not after intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) cycle.13 In contrast, the others demonstrated no relation between increased paternal BMI and decreased clinical pregnancy rates after IVF.14 Recent studies supported that paternal excess weight did not effect fecundity after IVF.15
"We found that prenatal exposure to paternal tobacco smoking is associated with increased methylation of certain immune genes, which alters how the genetic code is read," said Dr Chih Chiang Wu, lead author of the study.
We hear a lot about the risk of Down's syndrome with older mothers but little is said about the possible hazards of a higher paternal age.
Earlier today, a three-member investigative committee was formed to probe the deaths of five children and their paternal aunt.
KARACHI -- A three-member investigative committee was formed on Saturday to probe the deaths of five children and their paternal aunt owing to suspected food poisoning in Karachi.
SUKKUR -- A seven-year-old boy was repeatedly stabbed and axed to death allegedly by his paternal uncle and cousins near Mahar Mohalla of Khanpur Mahar town in Ghotki district over a property dispute with his parents and elders, police and area residents said on Friday.
5, 2018 (HealthDay News) -- Advanced paternal age is associated with adverse infant and maternal outcomes, according to a study published online Oct.
"Attachment Fathering" provides touch points for sensitive paternal responding that will build the foundation for his infant's secure attachment and independence.