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COUSIN, domest. rel. Cousins are kindred who are the issue of two brothers or two sisters, or of a brother and a sister. Those who descend from the brother or sister of the father of the person spoken of are called paternal cousins; maternal cousins are those who are descended from the brothers or sisters of the mother. Vide 2 Bro. C. C. 125; 1 Sim. & Stu. 301; 3 Russ. C. C. 140; 9 Sim. R. 386, 457.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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In an interview to a news channel, Bilawal brushed aside all such 'rumours' and said the PPP board selected candidates for the upper house of Parliament and his paternal aunt was not among the contenders.
His paternal aunt Faryal Talpur and her spouse Mir Munawar Ali Talpur also have UAE Iqama, as she has Rs6.50 million business ventures in Sharjah and Mr Talpur has invested around Rs300,000 in Dubai.
They are so excited because it is their first time travelling in a train,' she said, adding that they were going to Bahawalpur to stay with the children's paternal aunt over the Eid holidays.
Today, Benazir Bhutto's son Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari chairman of the PPP is contesting from NA-200 (Larkana-I), while Amir Bakhsh Bhutto son of Sardar Mumtaz Ali Bhutto, cousin of Z.A Bhutto is contesting from PS-10 (Larkana-I) against Faryal Talpur, Bilawal's paternal aunt and central president of the PPP's women's wing.
Because a paternal aunt holds a place of honor in Chinese culture, Mrs.
The girl, Aishley, and her paternal aunt Seema Kapoor have gone missing in the UK.
Later, a paternal aunt of the deceased children also died during treatment at a hospital.
Thiruvananthapuram: In anther shocking case of atrocity against children in Kerala, a 10-year-old boy was allegedly strangled to death by his paternal aunt. The deceased was identified as the son of Shaji and Bindu, and it is alleged that the crime was committed by Shaji's sister Vijayamma who is also the family's neighbour at Kaipuzha near Neendoor in Kottayam district.
She leaves her husband George Duplease of New Ipswich, NH; two sisters, Anna (Bourgeois) Scherer and her husband, Fred of Marston Mills, MA and Theresa (Bourgeois) Melanson and her husband Armand of Haute Aboujagane, NB, Canada; four nieces, Megan Scherer, Jennifer (Melanson) Dooley and her husband CJ, Melissa (Melanson) Woodford and her husband Andrew and Katie (Melanson) Doughty and her husband Toni; one great nephew, Austin Dooley; 3 great nieces, Olivia Dooley, Collina Woodford and Jerrica Woodford; paternal aunt and uncle, Marguerite and Albert Duval; maternal uncles, Santino Tocci and Adolph Tocci; many cousins, friends and her beloved pet Joy.
Latifabad B-section police and CIA in-charge Aslam Langah interrogated some family members including Areesh's paternal aunt Habiba and her mother.
Razia Begum, Sana's paternal aunt who brought her up, told Daily Times that the 22-year-old had done her Master's in Political Science and had been depressed for a while.
Intizar's paternal aunt told Express News that facts are present in the closed-circuit television camera footage, which confirmed that Intizar was surrounded and killed.