Paternal property

PATERNAL PROPERTY. That which descends or comes from the father and other ascendants, or collaterals of the paternal stock. Domat. Liv. Prel. tit, 3, s. 2.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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HELP SOUGHT: Residents of Mayar Jandol Ahmad Hussain and Ijaz Ahmad while speaking at a news conference at the Timergara press club on Monday alleged that their paternal property worth of millions of rupees was grabbed by Ali Haidar and Mushtaq in 1953 when they migrated to Gilgit for business.
Even now she does not, in effect, has the ownership right to the paternal property. Under these circumstances, who will be keen to have a daughter because for the parents, she does not become a source of support for them, rather she is a burden to them.
Ankit had recently sold his paternal property in a Faridabad village and got ` 23 lakh.
Nepali democracy is not the paternal property of the political parties alone.
Due to negligent and irresponsible attitude of Nepalese traders towards their Khachara offsprings, they were deprived of not only paternal property but also education, training and guidance.
of Khachara system was that they were dispossessed of the paternal property. According to the report of Vakil Jit Bahadur, in case of death of a Nepalese merchant in Tibet his property was bequeathed to the descendent only from Nepalese side.
To comprehend Khachara problem in true perspective, it should be remembered that if a high caste Nepalese married even a woman of low caste, the descendents were entitled to share paternal property (Khanal B.S.
It is no surprise therefore that, before he rides off with Jimmy (his paternal property), he pauses only to fix the sink (24).
He retired to his paternal property at Stagira about 339.