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This similarity between the performance of the two methods of path analysis was due to the low degree of multicollinearity (CN = conditions number = 209.
The unfolding of correlations with direct and indirect effect were performed using the path analysis (Wright, 1923), in which the mean yield was the basic variable and the other agronomic traits were considered the explanatory variables.
Path analysis of above listed traits on osmotic adjustment was also conducted according to Dewey and Lu (1959).
Taking into account these data and previous findings that suggest that particular emotional regulation processes may buffer the impact of disease and may also support in times of adversity, we further inspected these results using path analysis models.
Here too path analysis was used to test the causal model to the extent the observed variables were representative of the latent constructs of the proposed model.
This new method results in high quality data that suits the transfer path analysis method, allowing engineers to quantify the individual source generators inside the HVAC system.
The present investigation was carried out to assist the relationship between sugar yield and its components in sugarcane using five statistical procedures namely: simple correlation, path analysis, full model regression, stepwise multiple linear regression and factor analysis.
Path analysis is a standardized partial regression coefficient measuring the direct influence of one variable upon the other and permits separation of correlation coefficients into components of direct and indirect effects (Saleem et al.
Since most software tools working with data from 3D scanners produce only surfaces, they require a significant amount of manual work to extract airfoil characteristics necessary for 1D/2D flow path analysis and defining direct geometry.
In a survey conducted by Clear Path Analysis, 85 percent of European insurance risk professionals surveyed report that as they prepare for the coming of Solvency II--Europe's new regulatory requirements for the insurance industry--they are underutilizing insurance technology.