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Awareness and Observance of Patient Rights from the Perspective of Iranian Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.
67a of the act on patient rights defines a medical event as a procedure that is inconsistent with the current medical knowledge concerning: diagnosis, if it caused improper treatment or delayed proper treatment contributing to development of a disease; treatment, including surgical procedure; using a medicinal or medical product that caused: infecting a patient with a biological pathogenic agent, body damage, health disorder or the patient's death [4].
Another important source of conflict over patient rights results from the procedures and directives guiding emergency medical technicians.
He said the draft Patient Rights Law and the Medical Errors and Compensation Law would be put to the Shura Council and parliament in November.
The three-day event, 1st Gulf Patient Rights Conference, was inaugurated by Deputy Health Minister Hamad Al-Dowailia here on Sunday night.
We were particularly pleased with the strong and positive findings in the areas of improving organization since the previous survey, as well as patient rights and patient assessment.
The Ministry of Health is planning to establish a register for instances of medical errors, management of relations and patient rights.
But Clinton, speaking to an elderly campaign crowd in Florida on Friday, used the issue to portray himself as a guardian of patient rights in the fast-growing field of HMOs, backing legislation patterned after laws enacted this year in 16 states.

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