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[Latin, For; in respect of; on account of; in behalf of.]

West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

PRO. A Latin proposition signifying `for.' As to its effects in contracts, vide Plowd. 412.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Peter Lewis, Wales' national clinical lead for planned care, who is also a consultant vascular surgeon at the Aneurin Bevan Health Board, said: "Understanding patient-reported outcomes and addressing the key issues that can impact on them, such as lifestyle factors, is a component of volume-based medicine and benchmarking Welsh healthcare systems against best-in-class organisations in the UK and abroad."
Created in 2011, C-Path established the ePRO Consortium in cooperation with firms that provide technologies and services for capturing patient-reported outcome endpoints.
This is not only a patient-reported outcome; it is patient-centered because it measures an outcome important to them.
Although the score is less sensitive to change than the Disease Activity Score-28, "so are all patient-reported outcomes," she noted.
Madison, WI, June 10, 2016 --( Wellbe, the leading provider of Integrated Care Delivery solutions for hospital service lines, has advanced its Patient-Reported Outcomes (PRO) Collection capabilities for orthopedic and spine programs.
AbbVie presented new patient-reported outcome data during the Annual European Congress of Rheumatology (EULAR 2018) in Amsterdam from three Phase 3 trials evaluating upadacitinib, an investigational, once-daily oral JAK1-selective inhibitor, in adult patients with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis.Improvements in pain, physical function and morning joint stiffness were reported after 12 weeks of treatment with upadacitinib in SELECT-NEXT and SELECT-BEYOND and after 14 weeks of treatment in SELECT-MONOTHERAPY.
M2 PHARMA-February 21, 2017-ICON partners with US FDA to validate patient-reported outcome endpoints for antibacterial drug trials
The group contracted with the Center for Effectiveness Research in Orthopaedics (CERortho) to develop risk-adjusted performance measure algorithms for physical therapists using legacy patient-reported outcome (PROs) measures and patient-level information.
In both clinical trials, Vyleesi met the pre-specified co-primary efficacy endpoints of improvement in desire and reductions in distress as measured by validated patient-reported outcome instruments.
The primary endpoints of the six-month, parallel-design study are change in distance walked (metres) as measured by the six-minute walk test and change in the Total Fatigue score on the Primary Mitochondrial Myopathy Symptom Assessment (PMMSA), a patient-reported outcome measure.
A positive result on one such patient-reported outcome, the Hyperhidrosis Severity Scale, was achieved in 57% of pediatric patients and 64% of adults at week 44 of open-label therapy.

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