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While the scene is to show that Lin is merely having an infatuation, that she is flighty and superficial, it can also symbolically represent how the repetition of a patronym (Zhang's name) can lead one into an illusion that patrilineality is permanent.
Much of the reemergence of patrilineality arose out of the constant jockeying with the SMHDP for access to scarce land.
Rowson's critique of patrilineality through the failures of naming sets up a contrasting depiction of the efficacy and consequences of matrilineal legacies.
I use the Standard Cross-Cultural Sample, a representative sample of preindustrial societies, to test the strength of patrilineality and other factors identified as subordinating women in preindustrial societies.
Strongly evident as we pursued our inquiry was that informants perceived the images of women on channels like MTV India as a challenge to the discourses of purity, patrilineality, and authenticity that characterize older nationalist constructions of the "Home.
Najemy argues that this obsession with patrilineality was a development of the political generations after the Ciompi revolt, an obsession that was taking root just as Alberti was writing the dialogues.
The Watut do not fit into this discussion because they have deep genealogies and an inflexible strictness about patrilineality, but persistent groups are not present.
After charting the history of this group's status, social organization, and kinship patterns during the colonial and post-Independence periods, he concludes that the Santal-Munda have actually strengthened the basis of their social structure, "including the principle of patrilineality, the exogamy of clans, the institution of agnation, the legitimation of the secular head by the sacral head in the villages, the prohibition of adoption and the dislike of the 'house bridegroom' marriage, the exclusion of women in bonga [spirit] worship, land rights, etc.
In the stress on self-achievement, patrilineality counts for almost nothing, and successful affinal relations, only achievable if women are satisfied, for almost everything (Chowning: 1987, p.
The common assumption that patrilineality has subsumed matrilineal formations is challenged by the author.