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PATRIMONY. Patrimony is sometimes understood to mean all kinds of property but its more limited signification, includes only such estate, as has descended in the same family and in a still more confined sense, it is only that which has descended or been devised in a direct line from the father, and by extension, from the mother, or other ancestor.
     2. By patrimony, patrimonium, is also understood the father's duty to take care of his children. Sw. pt. 3, Sec. 18, n. 31, p. 235.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Transgenic cultivation will pose a serious threat to those areas which are rich in biodiversity (natural genomes); the transgenic flow which will go from modified plants to natural plants will be inevitable when the numerical ratio between areas cultivated with artificial plants exceeds the areas of natural plants, thus causing the irreversible loss of a great part of the natural genetic patrimony of all the plants existing in the world: at present there are about 442,000 species already classified out of an estimated total of 600,000-800,000 species.
Cultural patrimony was the focus of a complex, three-sided debate.
On the other hand, migration and poverty have allowed (quite unplanned), some cities and other important towns during the Colonial and Republican periods -- such as Potosi, Sucre or the Jesuit Missions of Chiquitos and Moxos among others -- to preserve their architectural and cultural patrimony almost entirely intact.
Borden, seem to have been somewhat dour regarding their father's articulated intention of diminishing their patrimony to the favour of his new wife.
"It's a clear loss of our patrimony," grumbled a leftwing deputy.
"I request the international community and the governments of friendly countries to join their efforts to help safeguard the sites of Angkor and other Cambodian temples, which represent not only Cambodia's cultural patrimony but also the world's patrimony," the queen said.
No wonder they don't respect us: We're not claiming our patrimony.
Prodigal Son Biblical character who squandered his patrimony and returned to his father's home in poverty, in a parable attributed to Jesus in the Gospel According to Luke.
Among the topics considered are the "structure and evolution of an aristocratic patrimony", "the management of an aristocratic landed patrimony", "the feudal lord and his vassals", "aristocratic strategies for preservation of family wealth," and "the aristocracy and the Spanish rule."
Quitorio described the Balangiga bells as a 'national patrimony,' noting the involvement of the Defense department and the country's government.