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Durand's extensive study is rich in precious insights and specific details that give new perspective to interpretations of Martiniquan patronyms.
The study revealed that after 9/11, the use of patronyms increased in culture-of-honor states, and similarly, people who were asked to think about a fictitious terrorist attack were more likely to say they'd use patronyms if they also strongly endorsed honor ideology.
This is not the only time Zhang, a custodian of the patronym by the virtue of his sex, tries to efface the existence of Lin.
She notes that the first time Montaigne signs his name as Michel de Montaigne--eschewing the patronym Eyquem--is in his first work, the translation of Sebon's Theologia naturalis, a task undertaken at his father's request.
Ignorant of and unable to read her patronym, Lucy is threatened with the possibility of reproducing her father's sexual sin with the even more heinous violation of incest.
When slavery was abolished in 1848, the newly-freed men and women received nothing but a family name--the fraught and ironic patronym of their master.
Nowadays a profession-based patronym does not oblige its owner to continue in the cognominal business.
Or perhaps their relationship was so strained that the son deliberately chose not to use the family patronym, preferring instead to adopt his late mother's surname.
In the normal Japanese order the patronym precedes the 'first' or 'Christian' name.
A distinct space after the mem and before the bet of the next word BN may support reading SM as one name, separating his name from his patronym.
The layout provides capsules of information on nine of the author's titles and explains such minutiae as the addition of vich to indicate a Russian patronym and the relation of kaiser and tsar to the Latin Caesar.