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All the rest is punctuated by prudent assertions that the patronym acquired by the former slave is less arbitrary than one might imagine and that it makes sense to keep in mind the possibility of names chosen by the freed people themselves (p.
The study showed that states in the South and West tended to have higher patronym scores than did states in the North and those same states ranked higher in indicators of honor ideology, such as execution rates, Army recruitment levels, and suicide rates among White men and women.
Ignorant of and unable to read her patronym, Lucy is threatened with the possibility of reproducing her father's sexual sin with the even more heinous violation of incest.
At the heart of The Friends of Freeland is the friendship of Eggert Oddason and Hannibal Hannibalsson (like their realworld models, Freelanders use patronyms instead of family surnames).
Finally, what we need now is a comprehensive dictionary, embracing most fields such as history, geography, politics, economics, language and literature, art and so on, so that students and Malaysians alike would have an immediate access to reference to patronyms, toponyms, as well as organizations and events, without having to find it by consulting many indexes of books on the country.
Muslim religion, Mande patronyms, (16) Dyula language, (17) residence in 'Dyula quarters', (18) specific ways of dressing: the occurrence of any of these traits brought 'Dyula' connotations that conflated 'strangers' and 'northerners'.
Perhaps this explains the use of matronymics instead of the patronyms expected in Semitic societies.
Klengel has done a very thorough job in individually indexing and cross-indexing almost all of the names in the texts--witnesses, patronyms, brothers, etc.
Thus persons connected with the four most common pertinent patronyms or ancestral names--Hananu, Hiranu, Iribu, and Qunanibu--are sometimes labelled Amurru (MAR.
A consequence is Dandamayev's interpretive principle that Iranian titles held by individuals with Babylonian names or patronyms label unimportant offices (e.