PATRUELIS, civil law. A cousin german by the father's side; the son or daughter of a father's brother. Dig. 38i 10, 1.

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Developpement ovarien chez Acrotylus patruelis (Herrich-Schaeffer, 1838).--These Ing.
The members of the research team shot the movie while aiming to examine the unusual sex chromosome development in the largest bug in Europe -Lethocerus patruelis .During the research, specimen were discovered in many areas of Southern Bulgaria - the district of Burgas-based oil refinery Lukoil, , in the region of Elhovo, in the rivers Maritza, Struma and Tundzha, and in the Kresna Gorge, among others.Lethocerus patruelis is the biggest European water bug that can grow as long as 8-12 sm.The bugs are known for injecting a digestive mixture of chemicals into their pray that they eat afterwards.
Monarchistic dominance in small groups of captive male mosquito-fish, Gambusia affinis patruelis. Bulletin of the Southern California Academy of Science 61:37-43.
Gambusia affinis (= Gambusia patruelis)--USNM 32243 (1).
However, some species adapted to higher elevations, moving upslope with anthropogenic opening of the forest, even manage to perform nymphal development at higher elevations: such as the pyrgomorphids Chrotogonus hemipterus, Zonocerus elegans and Atractomorpha acutipennis, or the oedipodines Trilophidiaconturbata, Morphacris fasciata, and Acrotylus patruelis.
Re - - - Helochares pallipes Brulle Re + + + Helochares femoratus Brulle Re - - + Helochares mini Fernandez Re - - + Berosus coelacanthus Oliva He + + - Berosus minimus Knisch He - - - Berosus masculinus Knisch He - - - Berosus patruelis Berg He + + + Staphylinidae Pr + + + Lampyridae Pr + + + Dryopidae Ra - + - Elmidae Ra - + - MOLLUSCA Drepanotrema anatinum (d'Orb.) Ra + + + Drepanotrema lucidum (Pfeiffer) Ra + + + Drepanotrema depressissimum Moric.
Six species (Calathus ingratus Dejean, Carabus chamissonis Fisher, Carabus meander Fisher, Pelophila rudis LeConte, Pterostichus adstrictus Eschscholtz, and Pterostichus patruelis Dejean) are already known from Fort Severn, or along the Hudson Bay coast; however, two species, Amara erratica (Duftschmi) and Bembidion morulum LeConte, are recorded from Ontario for the first time, and Plalynus mannerheimi Dejean is recorded from Ontario for only the second time (CNC records).
Acrotylus patruelis patruelis (Herrich-Schaeffer, 1838)