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Basically when Paul Revere was stopped by the British, he did say to them, 'Look, there is a mobilization going on that you'll be confronting,' and the British are aware as they're marching down the countryside, they hear church bells ringing--she was right about that--and warning shots being fired.
The band was led by keyboardist Paul Revere and singer Mark Lindsay, who worked together on the 27 high-energy tracks on these two mid-60s albums, now released on one CD.
During that period, Revere and his company, Paul Revere & Sons, which he ran with his sons Paul Jr.
She introduces viewers to Paul Revere, who is featured because of his famous ride from Boston to Lexington, MA to warn the Colonial Minutemen of the arrival of the British soldiers.
We need a modern day Paul Revere to sound a new alarm: "Church taxes are coming
18, 2004, UnumProvident and its subsidiaries, including Unum Life, Paul Revere and Provident, entered into multistate settlement agreements with state insurance regulators led by Maine, Massachusetts and Tennessee.
BOSTON -- William Francis Galvan, secretary of the Commonwealth and the Massachusetts Archives, in association with Haley & Steele Gallery, presents a unique portfolio of engravings taken from the original copperplates hand-engraved by patriot and silversmith Paul Revere at the time of the American Revolution.
Within days of the Boston Massacre, an engraving of the shooting, made by patriot Paul Revere (from another artist's work), was used to rally colonists against British rule.
However, Copley remained in Boston, where he painted his portrait of Paul Revere three years later.
Paul Revere began his famous "midnight" ride around 10 p.
A similar program run by Colombo last year raised $50,000 for the Paul Revere House in Boston.
It is with no surprise that we are bringing Paul Revere & The Raiders to Nashville to provide attendees this special kind of entertainment .